Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note:  We only deal direct with pet owners.

Q – Will my pet be treated with dignity and respect?

A – We are pet lovers ourselves. We guarantee to treat your pet as we would our own – with dignity, care & compassion.

Q – How will my pet be transported to your facility?

A – We will transport your pet in one of our pet beds or carrying baskets using our estate car. We will transport them in your pets own bed or basket if you prefer but the bed and bedding will have to be returned to you afterwards. We will not transport clinical waste in this vehicle at any time.

Q – We would like you to collect our pet from the Vet’s. What do we need to do?

A – You need to contact us beforehand with the time of the appointment, if possible. You also need to tell the vet at the time of the appointment that you wish us to make the necessary arrangements. Your vet will respect your wishes.

Q – How do we know that the ashes you have returned to us are those of our pet?

A – As members, we follow the APPCC Code of Practice and we only carry out individual cremations. The cremator will be fully cleaned out before each cremation and all ashes are recovered afterwards. You will be issued with a certificate guaranteeing that the ashes you receive are only those of your pet.

Q – We are from outside the area. Can we bring our pet to you and wait for the return of the ashes?

A – You are more than welcome to bring your pet to us. You must contact us first to ensure that we will be able to meet you. We offer a same day or immediate cremation.

Q – Can we inspect your premises to ensure it is suitable to receive our pet?

A. We welcome inspections and are more than confident that our premises will meet your needs.

Q – Can I be present when my pet is cremated?

A. While we do not recommend this, we do allow clients to be present while their pets are placed into the cremator.

Q – We are thinking of using a service provided by our vet. What should we take into account?

A – Because your vet has looked after your pet during its lifetime, you will think that they can be trusted to provide the service you want for your pet after its death and to treat your pet with dignity, care and compassion.

In all probability, your vet will use the services of a large national disposal service from outside the area who will not be a member of the APPCC and who is unlikely to handle your pets with the care and dignity they deserve.

Do not be afraid to tell your vet that you want a guaranteed individual cremation for your pets, that you do not want them to be frozen, bagged and transported with clinical waste.

Do not be fobbed off with vague assurances or ambiguities. For example, the term ‘Cold Storage’ (freezer).

Also, ‘Individual Transport’ and ‘Separate Cremation’ are completely different to ‘Transported Individually’ and Guaranteed Individual Cremation.

If the vet is unable to give you a cast iron guarantee in unequivocal terms about how your pet will be treated, you should proceed very cautiously.

    We welcome visitors, we run an open door practice, so you can see what we do. Please call for a chat and a cup of tea.